Few partnerships are as close as Brother’s. We’re a brand design agency based in London and Bath, specialising in branding, graphic design, web design and advertising. Led by designers Piers and Dominic Rutterford, we’ve an open, collaborative approach to design and insight that’s seen us build leading brands in healthcare, education, finance, the arts and the charity sector. Today, we’re kindred creative spirits to clients of every size – from household names to kitchen-table start ups.

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Hello, we’re Brother. We’re a graphic design agency based in London and Bath, specialising in branding, web design and advertising. The world’s not short of brand consultancies, so why are we different?

Well, the name’s a clue. Brother is led by designers Piers and Dominic Rutterford. As well as a surname and countless strands of DNA, we share a belief that good design shows on the bottom line. That makes it a serious business activity – and we treat it that way.

We immerse ourselves in our clients’ brands. We get to know their hopes, their fears – and their competitors. Then we share our ideas as simply as we can, without marketing jargon and pseudo-science.

Rather than imposing a fixed process on clients, we talk to them in their own language and involve them in the insight and design journey.

It’s a collaborative, straight-talking approach that clearly works. We’ve a portfolio of long-term clients of almost every size in almost every sector. Today Brother is a kindred creative spirit to major charities as well as leading businesses in healthcare, finance, education and the arts.

Not that we haven’t space for one more. Whether you’re a household name, a start-up, or anywhere in between, discover what openness, commitment and brotherly love can do for your brand.


Brand strategy and design

Branding clearly highlights what makes your product or service different to, and more attractive than, your competitors. It not only positions your product or service in the marketplace, it also helps cement it in the minds of your audience.

Ideas-led graphic design

Ideas-led graphic design is the difference between effective, memorable, solution-based communication and, design for design’s sake. Our goal is always the former.

Intuitive web design

A successful website attracts and converts speculative customers into repeat visitors. At Brother, we take a user-centric approach to ensure we select the right technologies and techniques to create the appropriate solution for your audience.


Accessibility is more than just meeting a checklist of standards. For us, it’s about listening, understanding, acting, educating and advocating. We’re passionate about making content we publish coherent to as many users as we can.