Accessibility policy

Brother is committed to ensuring the accessibility of its website to people with disabilities. New and updated web content produced by our organisation will meet WCAG 2.2, AA, by 31 December 2023.

Existing web content produced by our organisation will also meet our standard by 31 December 2023.

Content provided for our site by third-party suppliers will meet  WCAG 2.2, AA, by 31 December 2023. This includes any user-generated content.

A third party provides our current authoring tools, and ATAG 2.0 compliance at this stage is beyond our control. However, we believe that adaptations could be applied to improve accessibility. We will scope this during 2024 and report back on our progress on or before 31 December 2024. From 20 December 2023, we will scope potential alternative authoring tools that meet or exceed our web accessibility policy.

We will review this policy on or before 20 December 2024. This policy was last reviewed on 20 December 2023, by Dominic Rutterford.

W3Cx ceritification for the completion of Introduction to Web Accessibility Course

Additional steps

We have also added an Accessibility help function on the site. This is the second keyboard-focused item on each page after Skip to Content. Here you will find tips for accessing this site and potentially useful keyboard shortcuts (beta) to instantly activate the navigation, visit the sitemap page or remind yourself of the shortcuts at any point.  

known outstanding issues

Queries and requests

While every effort has been made to make this site as accessible as possible there are always areas where we can improve. With this in mind, we would welcome any comments or concerns about the site’s accessibility and will incorporate feedback into our monthly site audit. To contact us, please use the form below.