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Barnwood trust

Disciplines: Brand, print, marketing

Barnwood’s mission is to ensure that no one feels isolated or alone by helping disabled people and people with mental health problems feel connected to their communities. They do this through their four key areas of focus – shaping homes, discovering opportunities, growing communities, sharing insights – and exploding myths around disability and mental health.

Barnwood is a catalyst for social change and its operations are often described as having a ‘ripple effect’ on the lives of individuals, their families, and the community. What may start out as a simple conversation around a grant or idea usually transforms into something that benefits the wider community, often sparking other initiatives.

And while it may be Barnwood that provides the initial funding and connections, it is the people, groups, and communities themselves who create the focus, ideas, and energy.

The new brand we created reflects this.

…a culmination of so much care, time and creativity that you ploughed into the brand work for Barnwood.
Thank you again, I feel very fortunate to have been along for some of that journey with you.

Jessica Waterman

Communications manager