Supporting people with a learning disability using mental health services

Learning disabilities and mental health

The Estia Centre is part of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, a long-term client of Brother’s. They have been working with people with learning disabilities and supporting them through their mental health treatments. They do this through tried and tested techniques to gain the confidence of the service user and keep them abreast of the process; all the while engaging with all other caregivers and health professionals to ensure the smoothest possible patient journey.

The Centre, wishing to share its expertise, has started producing communications for other health professionals and caregivers in order for them to make reasonable adjustments to their approach prior to and during referral, care planning, care delivery, reviews and discharge.

Estia asked Brother to produce communication that documented this. It needed to:

  • be electronic in format
  • be accessible on all platforms
  • be printable
  • not use any technology that could act as a barrier to access (eg. require downloadable apps or plug-ins)
  • be able to be read in a linear and non-linear form so that the user can dip in or hop between the relevant stages of the patient journey.

We settled on an interactive PDF with embedded navigation that allowed the user to navigate to any page of the communication in just two clicks. It was also designed to have clear signposting that helped map the patient’s journey. You could describe it as being like a multipage infographic.