Reducing plastic waste

Make your presents felt

Changing kids’ parties for good

Gudoo, believes kids’ birthdays should be special. They’re a magical time for celebrating with friends and family; for doing the things you love with the people you love.

Unfortunately, some kids’ parties seem to have lost their way. All those party bags full of plastic trinkets. All those plastic toys that don’t last five minutes. Kids’ parties today leave your cupboards cluttered and your bank account empty.

Gudoo is changing all that. It’s an online platform for organising kids’ parties that include a gift for charity. Their aim is to make birthdays special. And giving easy. When you organize a Gudoo party, half your guests’ gift funds go to your birthday wish list and half go to charity.

6 reasons to Gudoo

  1. Fewer plastic presents – our wish list gives kids one or two gifts that will last, rather than a dozen plastic knick knacks that won’t.
  2. Painless planning – with everything online, you can spend more time celebrating and less time chasing up replies.
  3. Make a difference – to the causes you and your child care about with a donation to charity.
  4. Sharing is special – Gudoo helps your child discover birthdays can be about giving as well as receiving.
  5. Reduce excess – a short wish list means your presents have more meaning and your cupboards less clutter.
  6. Added magic – being part of a special gift, beautifully designed invites and sharing the party planning with your child all add to the birthday excitement.

Gudoo gets the party started

With Gudoo, you’ll enjoy the planning as well as the partying. You can sit down with your child and plan the whole party online. Together, you can create digital invites that reflect your party theme, decide what gifts or experiences will be on your wish list and choose a charity close to your heart. Along the way, your child will discover birthdays can be about giving as well as receiving.

At the end of a Gudoo party, the birthday boy or girl is left with a present or two that they love. A charity they choose will receive a valuable donation. You’ll have made a wealth of wonderful memories. And, as your guests will have made all their gifts online, they’ll have been spared a last-minute dash to buy a plastic knick knack.

Gudoo creates good parties in every sense.

Creating a Gudoo kids’ party is simple

  1. Write your gift wish list and choose your charity
  2. Use our templates to design your digital invites
  3. Ask your friends and family to share your special day

Gudoo. Make your presents felt.

Brother involvement

Brother, alongside copywriter Andy Rigden and developer Clive Sweeting, were invited to name, position, and design all the brand, web, UI, and UX assets. For more information please visit our Gudoo portfolio page.