Make your presents felt

Brand and web-app for internet start-up and disrupter, Gudoo

Kids’ parties can fill your cupboards with plastic presents and empty your bank account. Internet start-up, Gudoo, is changing all that. It collects a gift fund online: half of which goes to the birthday boy or girl; half to charity.

With copywriter Andy Rigden, we brought Gudoo to life, through naming, brand design development, brand language, video production, tone of voice, keyword research, persona development, web copy, scriptwriting, content planning and social media writing.

Research and persona development

We began with qualitative research: interviews with our potential audience and Gudoo’s founder. These findings became a series of brand values and four key personas: user profiles for all our marketing comms, particularly the site itself.


Evocative or descriptive? Abstract or Concrete? Finding the right name for a new brand involves strategic, linguistic and visual decisions. Gudoo was born out of the colloquial term a ‘good do’. It became a name with exceptional recall that commands its own url,

Visual brand

Turning the name into a successful marque is just the start. We developed a full set of secondary system graphics including the illustration style, a party-influenced colour palette and typefaces. These became the building blocks for the website design, stationery and promotional materials.

Verbal brand

Together with our writer, we defined the brand essence and attributes from our audience research, then translated these into the core copy platform. This included a strapline, elevator pitch and short and long-form boilerplates.

Tone of voice

More than a dry set of guidelines, a clear point of view and the confidence to express it defines a brand’s tone of voice. Gudoo has already shared its take on the world in social and other media.

Website design

With the branding elements in place, Brother designed and developed the Gudoo website and app. This site had all the tools required to manage a child’s birthday party including: design a bespoke e-invitation; invite guests and manage RSVPs; crowdfund a special chosen gift and donate 50% of funds to the party girl or boy’s favourite charity. See

SEO keyword research

One of Gudoo’s great strengths is its ability to cut plastic out of parties. We used SEO to tap into changing sentiment around single-use plastic and introduce the new service’s eco-friendly credentials.

User interface design (UI)

The UI design was quite involved and sophisticated. The party organiser needed to be able to manage their party, invite their guests, design their invite and manage their RSVPs. The guest needed to be able to RSVP and leave a donation towards the party boy or girl’s chosen charity and special gift.

Online invitation templates

We created a set of online invitation templates to help with invite design. When a host selected the theme of the party or age and name of the party girl/boy then the UI automatically selected a relevant invite design. The host could then edit the colours, fonts, illustration or upload their own image to the invite should they wish to.

Explainer/brand video

With Andy on scriptwriting duties we storyboarded and art directed the explainer video on the site’s landing page as well as supplying the visual assets to the production company.