Environmentally friendly web hosting

Introducing the Positive Internet Company

At Brother, we choose the UK-based The Positive Internet Company as our preferred hosting partner because of their environmentally friendly web hosting service. They operate an industry-leading Green Web Foundation-certified data centre known as Positive Park. Located in the ‘Silicon’ Fen in Cambridgeshire with its world-class fibre-optic connectivity, it takes advantage of the notoriously windy climate to generate 100% of its power requirement.

Not only were we blown away (no pun intended) by these credentials, we welcomed their keenness to build real, human, personable client relationships – some of which have lasted since its formation 22 years ago. This means they’ve been doing this as long as anybody!

When it comes to support there are no call queues and no low-level call centres. When you want help, you can speak directly to the engineers who can give it there and then. You won’t be burdened by long-winded, alienating escalation procedures or officious “we don’t support that version” jobsworthiness.

Their green credentials also go beyond renewable energy. Their main data floor is cooled using adiabatic “free” systems which are low-energy and make use of evaporative cooling and their commitment is for Positive Park to go beyond carbon neutral and become carbon negative by actually removing carbon from our atmosphere. This vision drives Positive Internet Company to be one of the most environmentally friendly web hosting providers in the world!