Brother is an ethical, socially responsible, environmentally friendly graphic design agency.

We achieve this by…

environmentally friendly graphic design agency

…employing environmentally friendly web-build and management techniques to reduce our client website’s carbon footprint;

Did you know it is estimated that the internet is responsible for 2% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions? That’s as much as the aviation industry!

Luckily, small measures taken to tackle website inefficiencies lead to major reductions in the production of greenhouse gases.

For example, reducing an image filesize by 5% may not seem like a lot, however, multiply that across 10,000+ monthly page views and employ the discipline site-wide and the energy-saving becomes staggering. Add in smart coding, reduced server requests, and other techniques and your site becomes friendlier to both the environment and your wallet. Not to mention an improved page ranking on Google.

environmentally friendly graphic design agency

…using and recommending British-based hosting that is 100% powered by renewable energy;

At Brother, we choose The Positive Internet Company as our preferred hosting partner. They operate an industry-leading Green Web Foundation-certified data centre known as Positive Park. Located in the ‘Silicon’ Fen in Cambridgeshire, with its world-class fibre-optic connectivity, it takes advantage of the notoriously windy climate to generate 100% of its power requirement. And there are real humans available at the end of the phone for 24-7 support and advice.

The Positive Internet Company is Green Web Foundation certified.

ethical graphic design agency

…maintaining an ongoing knowledge of Accessibility guidelines for both digital and print;

We’ve all heard lots about on-screen accessibility; maybe less around accessibility in traditional communications; both are essential for inclusive and coherent communications. With digital, branding, and communications projects for clients like the Conference of European National Librarians, Barnwood Trust, NHS, and Creative United, it has always been essential for Brother to maintain a thorough understanding of the current and developing practices.

ethical graphic design agency

…selecting the best channels to deliver coherent messaging.

Reaching your audience is key and we propose mechanisms that allow succinct, economical, and ecologically-sound delivery. For example, digital is often considered the go-to for efficient communications, but if the message gets lost in the sheer volume of competing voices, isn’t it a waste of energy? Choosing the right channels for your message and audience is both beneficial and responsible.

Brother attracts, and we actively seek out, clients who are ethical, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible.