Garden office built from 95% reclaimed and sustainable materials

Thanks to Covid-19, Brother, like every other business, has had to rethink how and where we work with homeworking very much part of the mix. This has meant people around the world have had to be creative in how they achieve a good home/work/family balance and we’ve seen some innovative solutions. One of our managing […]

Eco-friendly print and post solution

Here’s Brother’s eco-friendly print solution for our letters/mailouts which not only reduces paper wastage and transportation costs by 50% but removes the need for glue and gum thanks to its stamp-sealed self-envelope. We used these as a targeted mailout to potential clients and, thanks to the innovative mechanic, was well-received. Printed by Ripe, our digital […]

Bottle for life

Single-use plastic bottles are usually thrown away once the contents have been depleted but most are durable enough to be used again and again. So why not? OceanSaver’s approach is to supply an initial bottle for life with a dissolvable refill pouch for you to mix your own detergent or polish – just drop the […]

Graphic design saves the day

As an environmentally conscious graphic design agency, we are well aware of the consequences our products and services have on the environment and we choose channels, media, and medium to lessen the impact. For example, we’ve all seen in the news recently how plastics cause havoc throughout the environment. So much so, it has caused […]

Environmental impact of working from home

Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic more of us have been working from home and are likely to continue in the future. On the face of it it looks like good news for the environment – no more daily commutes into work; less disposable packaging for food and drink; less unnecessary, power-hungry hardware waiting on […]

Make your presents felt

Changing kids’ parties for good Gudoo, believes kids’ birthdays should be special. They’re a magical time for celebrating with friends and family; for doing the things you love with the people you love. Unfortunately, some kids’ parties seem to have lost their way. All those party bags full of plastic trinkets. All those plastic toys […]

Introducing the Positive Internet Company

At Brother, we choose the UK-based The Positive Internet Company as our preferred hosting partner because of their environmentally friendly web hosting service. They operate an industry-leading Green Web Foundation-certified data centre known as Positive Park. Located in the ‘Silicon’ Fen in Cambridgeshire with its world-class fibre-optic connectivity, it takes advantage of the notoriously windy […]