Bottle for life

Bottle for life

Single-use plastic bottles are usually thrown away once the contents have been depleted but most are durable enough to be used again and again. So why not? OceanSaver’s approach is to supply an initial bottle for life with a dissolvable refill pouch for you to mix your own detergent or polish – just drop the pouch into 750ml of water and shake. When finished simply add another pouch to your existing bottle and start again.

How it works


The benefits:

  1. Reduced plastic going into refuse or recycling chain, therefore, reducing pollution, energy usage, and carbon footprint
  2. Refills are undiluted; just add water at home. This allows the product to have a smaller volume, less packaging (recyclable) and weight which, in turn, reduces transportation and storage costs
  3. Products are made from a plant-based, non-toxic cleaning formula
  4. Removable, replaceable paper-based labels
  5. Sadly, even a Bottle for Life has a lifespan. If it breaks simply recycle (including trigger) in your kerbside recycling
  6. At around £1.50 per refill (and available from all good supermarkets) cost is favourable to other well known branded products

Their Anti-bac EcoDrop which kills 99.9% of bacteria even has the Good HouseKeeping tick of approval. What’s not to love?

Here at Brother, we celebrate brilliant ideas – whether they’re ours or not – that help reduce our impact on the environment so we’ve ordered our starter kit. We’ll report back on how good they are compared to our previous staples. In the meantime why not read this review in the Metro.