Hello, we’re Brother. We’re a graphic design agency based in London and Bath, specialising in branding, web design and advertising. The world’s not short of brand consultancies, so why are we different?

Well, the name’s a clue. Brother is led by designers Piers and Dominic Rutterford. As well as a surname and countless strands of DNA, we share a belief that good design shows on the bottom line. That makes it a serious business activity – and we treat it that way.

We immerse ourselves in our clients’ brands. We get to know their hopes, their fears – and their competitors. Then we share our ideas as simply as we can, without marketing jargon and pseudo-science. Rather than imposing a fixed process on clients, we talk to them in their own language and involve them in the insight and design journey.

It’s a collaborative, straight-talking approach that clearly works. We’ve a portfolio of long-term clients of almost every size in almost every sector. Today Brother is a kindred creative spirit to major charities as well as leading businesses in healthcare, finance, education and the arts.

Not that we haven’t space for one more. Whether you’re a household name, a start-up, or anywhere in between, discover what openness, commitment and brotherly love can do for your brand.